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Art I love: Tyrian Lannister Metal Art Print

by Amber Smith |

Tyrian Lannister is quite possibly the most diverse and misunderstood character through much of Game of Thrones. I haven't read the books but I understand his character description is unflattering, I prefer to picture the charming Peter Dinklage. 
He comes off as a spoiled rich kid at first. Irresponsible, untrustworthy, embarrassing to the family, but as you learn more about him you find all the injustices he's been put through in his public and family life. 
Who can blame a guy for wanting a drink to deal with the pain of being the smartest and least listened to character in the show? Definitely my favorite. 
You can get this image and quote as a cool metal print, in many sizes. The cool thing about these prints is that they're hung by magnet and can be swapped out whenever you want a change of scenery without having to have multiple images taking up space or conflicting with each other.  Find it at Displate - or alternately, his face with his gorgeous eye gleaming in the light here - on displate as well. 
Tyrian Lannister - I drink and I know things
Tyrian Lannister Metal Wall Art - Game of Thrones

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