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The Joint BBQ, Holga Print, New Orleans Lost Kat Photography
Lost Kat Photography

The Joint BBQ, Holga Print, New Orleans

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The Joint is a New Orleans BBQ restaurant to remember. A bright and colorful Holga photo, "Always Smokin'" - an analogy and quote for a life attitude. This image will brighten up any room or any mood with a mix of folksy quirkiness. Keep on Keepin' on!

The Joint hides itself in the Marigny district of New Orleans, off the beaten path of tourists, and holds a special place for locals. Several chairs have empty beer bottles next to them, just another day in the neighbourhood - cold beer and BBQ sauce! I can just imagine a group of men and women sitting outside chatting in those awesome chairs.

TITLE: The Joint, Always Smokin', Holga Print
LOCATION: New Orleans

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