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Basalt Columns Black and White Wall Tapestry Lost in Nature
Lost In Nature

Basalt Columns Black and White Wall Tapestry - 4 Sizes

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Black and White Wall Tapestry, Dorm Tapestry, Stone Wall Tapestry, Basalt Columns, Symmetry Wall Art, Zen Tapestry, Large Wall Tapestry

These are the Sheep Eater Cliffs found in Wyoming.

These tapestries make an amazing wall cover for a big blank wall in your home, over furniture, for a relaxing bedroom nature getaway, on the ceiling, for dorm decor, in a nursery or child's room, for shade outdoors, or, in front of a window! The possibilities are endless. All of our textiles are well made, use completely original art and are hemmed by hand, with great details and true colors, giving you a scenic view of nature to get lost in!

➤ Sizes are listed with their Width first, then Height (51" wide x 60" tall for a tall Tapestry and 60" wide x 51" tall for a wide Tapestry, and so on)
➤ Highly unique and versatile
➤ Best for Indoor use
➤ Machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle using mild detergent
➤ Tumble dry with low heat. - Please note, that there may be color variations!

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