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About Lost Kat

Amber "Katya" SmithHi, I’m Amber Katya Laroche, Kat for short. I travel full time in an RV around the continental US, taking photos and working as a web designer. I hope to make photography my full time job, through Etsy and my own website.
Photography has been a huge part of my life since high school, when I bought my first camera. I really haven’t put cameras down since.

I like to experiment with vintage cameras, professional film cameras, as well as high quality digital camera, and you’ll see a big variety in my shop.
I Graduated from Portland State University in 2008 with a major in Arts, focusing on Photography and film (cinema) studies. Since 2009 I’ve been on the road with my partner and our pets, seeing all the U.S. has to offer, with occasional trips overseas.

I grew up in northern Idaho, eastern Washington and western Montana, playing in the forest, running around barefoot. I still love roaming forests, exploring gritty places and old buildings. I am happiest around nature and animals.

My long term goals include moving overseas and seeing everything I can see there as well, eventually somehow staying one place long enough to have more gallery shows!

My hobbies include making jewelry, riding a motorcycle, spending time with our pets, reading, and hiking in nature with a camera glued to my face.

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