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SELECTED Ask For Bob Holga Photography
SELECTED Ask For Bob Holga Photography Wall
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SELECTED Ask For Bob Holga Photography, Wall

Ask For Bob, Mechanic's Shop, Holga Photography



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This Ask for Bob, Garage Decor, Holga Photograph is a great piece of Americana and whimsical detail. Taken with a holga camera on film, the styling came out awesome with natural light leak and vignetting. A great addition to anyone's memorabilia collection and for anyone who loves vintage signage.

In the middle of nowhere in Alabama on the hottest day of the year, we were driving with out travel trailer to Birmingham when we our trailer tires started to worry us. They were the original tires that came with the used trailer and we had a lot of driving left to do. One had already popped in Louisiana and we'd replaced it with a cheap used tire - we were pushing our luck. We decided it was a smart time to stop and look for a tire place, unfortunately Sunday in Alabama is a bad day to look for much of anything in a small town. We found a place that was closed but had an emergency number, we called Bob and he came from his home to re-tire our whole trailer in 90 degree heat. He made a buck, we didn't get a flat on the freeway, and I got a picture of his awesome sign. Disaster averted!

TITLE: Ask For Bob (Holga)
LOCATION: Rural Alabama

This signed and numbered, limited edition photo, is printed on professional quality archival paper in your chosen paper of treatment.

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Ask For Bob, Mechanic's Shop, Holga Photography

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