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Land Between the Lakes Bison, Kentucky

SELECTED Land Between the Lakes Bison, Kentucky
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Each photo in the shop is printed on gallery quality photo paper.
Semi Gloss - Luster: This paper features sharp colors and bold, rich shadows with minimal reflection.
My papers have an archival value of 100+ years in typical home display.
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Every print in the shop is available as a Canvas Gallery Wrap - in Metallic or Traditional. If you have any custom requests please contact me via the contact form in the site menu! I can print most any print at any size on any surface from metal prints to t-shirts.


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This Kentucky Bison Wildlife Photography was taken at a bison range in Kentucky. It's one of the few wild herds in the southern states and a healthy one at that. There were babies everywhere,running around and playing in the water, but this young male in particular drew my attention, as he lay fearlessly protective at the edge of the herd. Bison molt their thick winter coat in summer and start anew in autumn for the long cold days ahead.

TITLE: Kentucky Bison
LOCATION: Land Between the Lakes

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Land Between the Lakes Bison, Kentucky