About Lost Kat

Amber "Katya" Anderson

Hi, I’m Amber "Katya" Anderson, Kat for short. I love getting lost in forests, ghost towns, cities and seeing new things. I never stop exploring the world around me. Getting lost isn't so bad when you do it on purpose!

I grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest; Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana. At 19 I moved to Portland, Oregon with my dog and camera to experience the beautiful west coast scenery and city life. I lived there for 10 years, taking a year in between to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2009 my partner and I decided to start our RV travels, lasting 9 years. We've been around much of the US and road tripped around southern UK and hope to keep adding to our travels. 

Late Summer 2021 to Present: We moved to Durango, Colorado! It's our permanent home base and we can't wait to explore it more! 

2018-2021: Living in the PNW, taking weekends to explore the region, trying to hike a new place every trip. 

2009-2018: We traveled in an RV around the continental US and took two trips to the UK to visit family and road trip.  

More about me...

Birch Forest, Flagstaff, AZ