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About Lost Kat

Amber "Katya" SmithHi, I’m Amber "Katya" Laroche, Kat for short, and the "Lost" part is because of my travels. I'm not truly lost, but I love being out of my element, seeing new things, learning about new cultures and exploring the world. Getting lost isn't so bad when you do it on purpose! Currently I travel full time in an RV around the continental US with my partner and our pets, taking photos and creating art. I have both this website and my long running Etsy shop where I share my photography with the world. 

I grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest; eastern Washington, northern Idaho and Montana. As soon as I turned 18 I moved to Portland, Oregon to experience the beautiful west coast scenery and city life. After traveling overseas I couldn't shake the wanderlust, me and my partner hit the road in 2009 and haven't looked back. 

Photography has been a huge part of my life since high school when I bought my first professional camera. I started with film and I'm still quite attached. I really haven’t put cameras down since seeing that first roll develop in the dark room. I like to experiment with vintage cameras, professional film cameras, as well as high quality digital cameras. 

I attended both Portland Community College and Portland State University with a focus on fine arts, cinema and photography. The combination of these subjects gave me a well rounded point of view and a knowledge of stylistic techniques that I try to apply every day. 

Nerds On the Road!