Ernesto Sabato - Argentinas Galenskap

This project was really cool to be a part of. I was contacted by a Swedish publishing company who was looking for a cover image for a collection of Ernesto Sabato's novels called "Argentinas Galenskap" -  Argentina's Madness. 

The photo features the skeleton of a police dog from one of my more interesting finds wandering the streets of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Police Museum. 

I was walking around the streets of Buenos Aires like I did most days when I decided I should do something cultural, interesting, and walked past the Police Museum. It was probably the coolest and strangest museum I've ever been to and more macabre than the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans.  

Working on a collection from the museum to publish to the site and will link it here! 

Chonino, Police Dog, Argentina - Amber Katya Anderson