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SELECTED Black Cat Window
SELECTED Black Cat Window
SELECTED Black Cat Window

Black Cat Window - British Cats Series Print



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This Black Cat Photograph was taken in Aylesford, Kent, England while walking around exploring the local area. I had gotten into making a series of 'British cats , most of them through windows in cities and villages all over the UK, this one turned out to be my favorites because of the soft focus, yellow eyes and reflection of the town in the window. Black cats have awesome personalities and are often overlooked at shelters, as well as Tuxedo cats, partly due to archaic superstitions, but who can deny the beauty of this mysterious fellow? This guy had giant yellow eyes and seemed to be posing. My own cats want nothing to do with a camera but when I point it at other people's cats they seem completely cooperative.

This photo would make a great gift for any cat lover and in a larger form, an interesting, playful use of wall space. Cats!!!

TITLE: Black Cat, Aylesford: British Cats Series

This signed and numbered, limited edition photo, is printed on professional quality archival paper in your chosen paper of treatment.

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Black Cat Window - British Cats Series Print

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