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Camp Verde, Arizona, Fine Art Print

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This Arizona Homestead photograph was taken in central Arizona, Camp Verde. This area of Arizona is steeped in history and stories untold. This military encampment for example had an interesting history of employing one of the first all Native American militias. The houses still standing on the property were captains home, barracks, general store and a few others with miscellaneous use. The flag pole in the middle of the property, it was easy to tell, was a mast from an old ship - a ship a long ways from the sea. I imagine the simplicity of this way of life, but the danger and intrigue around every corner. I'm sure some of them didn't see their lives as being very adventurous, but its for us to see now, and their history to translate as we see fit.

TITLE: Arizona Homestead - Camp Verde
LOCATION: Camp Verde, AZ

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