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Photograph Add-On, Metallic/Pearl Paper

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This is an Add-on for metallic paper to your order - add both this item and the print you want to the cart and you will receive a print on metallic/pearl paper!

It is really hard to photograph metallic paper - it has a slightly glossy sheen and sharp shadows, light colors have a pearlescent look to them, whites look more silver, colors have a great 3 dimensional look, a really cool effect for almost any image. I like both color and black and white photos on metallic paper!

Photo prints - Upgrade this to matte paper (black and white only): Deep Matte Paper (add both paper and image to cart)

Photo prints - Upgrade this to metallic paper: Metallic Paper (add both paper and image to cart)

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Get this print at a Canvas Wrap - 9 sizes: Canvas Wraps

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