Downtown Shaniko Hotel Photo Print Oregon Photography
Downtown Shaniko Hotel Photo Print Oregon Photography

Downtown Shaniko Hotel Photo Print, Oregon Photography

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This photo print features Shaniko Hotel in downtown, which is about a block long and surrounded by plans rather than homes, Definitely a wild west town feel! When traveling through central Oregon, I always make sure to stop by the Ghost Towns of Shaniko and Antelope.  Photo is printed on high quality archival paper good for 100 years with proper treatment


Shaniko, Oregon is a ghost town located in Wasco County, Oregon, United States. It was founded in 1887 as a railroad town and was once the largest wool shipping point in the world. The town's population peaked in 1911 at over 1,000 people, but it began to decline after the railroad was bypassed in 1912. Shaniko was officially abandoned in 1954, but a few residents have remained in the town ever since.

Today, Shaniko is a popular tourist destination. The town is home to several historic buildings, including the old hotel, jail, school, and post office. There are also several museums in Shaniko, including the Shaniko Preservation Guild Museum and the Shaniko Wool Museum.

Shaniko is a great place to learn about Oregon's history and to enjoy the state's natural beauty. The town is located in a remote area of Central Oregon, and it is surrounded by sagebrush plains and mountains. There are several hiking trails in the area, and Shaniko is also a popular spot for fishing and camping.

If you are looking for a unique and interesting place to visit in Oregon, Shaniko is definitely worth a stop. The town's history and culture are fascinating, and the natural beauty of the area is simply stunning.

TITLE: Shaniko Hotel

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