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Drive-in of the Apocalypse, Surreal

SELECTED Drive-in of the Apocalypse, Surreal Fine Art Print Lost Kat Photography
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Details about prints

Each photo in the shop is printed on gallery quality photo paper.
Semi Gloss - Luster: This paper features sharp colors and bold, rich shadows with minimal reflection.
My papers have an archival value of 100+ years in typical home display.
Some of the Print Sizes Available

Every print in the shop is available as a Canvas Gallery Wrap - in Metallic or Traditional. If you have any custom requests please contact me via the contact form in the site menu! I can print most any print at any size on any surface from metal prints to t-shirts.


Add Ons: Canvas Wraps, Metal Prints, Mounting
This drive-in theater surreal photograph is a completely awesome fluke, taken with a tiny little brownie camera on 127 film that was possible expired, the sky looks apocalyptic and strange, no post editing! The brownie is one of my favorite cameras, full of surprises and mystery. The camera almost seems to pull an aura from a scene and place it onto the film. These photos always blowup quite well and have a slightly sepia tint.

Story: Some friends and I went on a 9 day Ghost Town Tour (that I made a guide for) in Arizona. We drove around trying to hit up the best ghost towns in Arizona, while looking for one we never found and locals would not help us find, we instead found this cool old drive in theater. Not a bad trade.

TITLE: Drive-in of the Apocalypse

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Drive-in of the Apocalypse, Surreal