New Orleans Americana BBQ Wall Tapestry - 60x51 - Decorative
New Orleans Americana BBQ Wall Tapestry - 36x26 - Decorative
New Orleans Americana BBQ Wall Tapestry - Decorative

New Orleans Wall Tapestry, 4 Sizes, Vintage Charm meets Rustic Decor

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Introducing our stunning New Orleans Wall Tapestry, the perfect addition to your rustic decor collection. Available in 4 sizes, this tapestry captures the vibrant spirit of the Big Easy, showcasing its iconic landmarks and cultural charm. Whether you hang it in your living room, bedroom, or office, this tapestry will transport you to the lively streets of New Orleans. Crafted with high-quality materials, it is not only visually mesmerizing but also durable. Elevate your space with this captivating piece and let the sights and sounds of the French Quarter come to life in your home.

These Wall Tapestries are made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges. Featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, these highly unique and versatile tapestries are durable, long lasting and hand sewn in the US.

They make an amazing wall cover for a big blank wall in your home. You can also put them over furniture, on the ceiling, use them for dorm decor, decorate a nursery or child's room - the perfect nature escape and a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts!

The Joint BBQ - Bywater Neighborhood-  Available in 4 Sizes - image orientation (tall or wide) are as shown in photo
-  Made in USA
-  Highly unique and versatile
-  Best for Indoor use
-  Machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle using mild detergent
-  Tumble dry with low heat. - Please note, that there may be color variations!

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