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Pyramids of the Apocalypse, Holga Print

SELECTED Pyramids of the Apocalypse, Holga Print
SELECTED Pyramids of the Apocalypse, Holga Print
SELECTED Pyramids of the Apocalypse, Holga Print
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Details about prints

Each photo in the shop is printed on gallery quality photo paper.
Semi Gloss - Luster: This paper features sharp colors and bold, rich shadows with minimal reflection.
My papers have an archival value of 100+ years in typical home display.
Some of the Print Sizes Available

Every print in the shop is available as a Canvas Gallery Wrap - in Metallic or Traditional. If you have any custom requests please contact me via the contact form in the site menu! I can print most any print at any size on any surface from metal prints to t-shirts.


Add Ons: Canvas Wraps, Metal Prints, Mounting

This pyramid photograph was taken after a long climb to the top of one of the larger pyramids at Teotihuacan in central Mexico. The whole day of walking around the pyramids, looking at the amazing Aztec/Mayan structures and sculptures was surreal. This photo just about sums it up. I love spending time in places ancient people lived in, imagining their day to day life and how different from us they were. This image would make a great surreal addition to anyone's home, lovers of mexico, Aztec culture and the whole 2012 "prophecy", a reminded of how little we know about out own past and how amazing mankind's accomplishments can be.

Original Signed Fine Art Photograph.

TITLE: End of Times, Teotihuacan, Mexico

This signed and numbered*, limited edition photo, is printed on professional quality archival paper in semi-gloss - or you can choose a different paper type or treatment in the add-ons section of the shop! *prints over 20x30 will be drop shipped from my printer to save on oversize shipping. If you would like large prints signed and numbered, please check out the shipping upgrades in the add-ons sections.

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Pyramids of the Apocalypse, Holga Print