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Roots of Life, Black and White Fine Art Print Lost Kat Photography
Lost Kat Photography

Roots of Life, Black and White

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This gnarled "Roots of Life" tree photography is a testament to the awesomeness of nature. Camping as much as I do, I see a lot of trees all over the country. My favorite by far are the big old gnarled root trees in the southern U.S. and this is my favorite of those I saw.

This tree was right next to our campsite and every day I would go out and just examine its roots, crevasses, shadows. The root exposure was likely due to the erosion of the dirt around the tree or an unfortunate series of events during growth but it shows how adaptable and beautiful trees are. This image would make a beautiful and balanced addition to any room in your home!

TITLE: Roots of Life - Black and White

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