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Seagull After the Storm Fine Art Print Lost Kat Photography
Lost Kat Photography

Seagull After the Storm Wall Art Print - Many Sizes

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This Seagull After the Storm was taken during our time camping next to Lake Erie for a couple weeks. I spent a lot of time on this private little stretch of beach that could only be accessed by climbing down a cliff face. I spent my afternoons just acting like a kid. discovering things in the grit, building ant mansions, climbing shale and the like. The weather was beautiful, and so much like being next to the sea. One afternoon, after it rained for a bit, the sun shone through the clouds like it was raining rainbows and this lovely bird flew by on his way home. Perfect end to a perfect day.

TITLE: Seagull After the Storm
LOCATION: Lake Eerie Beach, New York

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