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Swamp Trees, Louisiana Forest Fine Art Print

SELECTED Swamp Trees, Louisiana Forest Fine Art Print
SELECTED Swamp Trees, Louisiana Forest Fine Art Print
SELECTED Swamp Trees, Louisiana Forest Fine Art Print
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Each photo in the shop is printed on gallery quality photo paper.

Semi Gloss - Luster: This paper features sharp colors and bold, rich shadows with minimal reflection.
Metallic - Pearl: This paper features a unique pearlescent surface with ultra-bright backgrounds. Great for both black and white and color. It really adds dimension to an image.
Matte: True B&W paper is designed to make black, continuous-tone prints, while avoiding color tints. Non reflective and lustrous.
Deep Matte: This matte paper is for color, sepia or black and white. Its lustreless surface creates tremendous visual impact. It produces rich color and pure whites.
All of my papers have an archival value of 100 years in typical home display.

Every print in the shop is available as a Canvas Gallery Wrap - in Metallic or Traditional. If you have any custom requests please contact me via the contact form in the site menu! I can print most any print at any size on any surface from metal to t-shirts.


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This Swamp Trees photograph is one of mystery and natural wonder. I love the Swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi. It would be so easy to walk into one (knee deep of course) and get lost in the mess of identical trees. It's frightening and alluring at the same time. To feel the power of nature and how helpless we are in its presence.
Embrace the power and being lost wont be such a bad thing!

Photo is printed on quality archival paper and signed by the artist.

TITLE: Lost in the Swamp

Photo is printed on professional quality archival paper in luster sheen unless otherwise chosen. If you would like a different paper type or treatment - even mounting (or something like metal printing), let me know and we can converse!

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Swamp Trees, Louisiana Forest Fine Art Print

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