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Vintage Brave RV, Utah Desert Photography

SELECTED Vintage Brave RV, Utah Desert Photography
SELECTED Vintage Brave RV, Utah Desert Photography
SELECTED Vintage Brave RV, Utah Desert Photography
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All of my papers have an archival value of 100 years in typical home display.

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This awesome little RV was found abandoned in the Utah desert some miles north of Moab. It looked mostly lived in, and it may have been, at some point, by some brave soul taking on the heat.
Its style was undeniably awesome, a classic 70s look and still in bright white and orange. I'd half a mind to buy a restore it if we weren't on the road already!

Shot on film with a professional medium format camera.

TITLE: Brave RV Desert
Location: Near Moab, Utah

This signed and numbered, limited edition photo, is printed on professional quality archival paper in your chosen paper of treatment.

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Vintage Brave RV, Utah Desert Photography

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