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Yucca Details, Utah

SELECTED Yucca Details, Utah
SELECTED Yucca Details, Utah
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Each photo in the shop is printed on gallery quality photo paper.

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All of my papers have an archival value of 100+ years in typical home display.
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This Yucca Plant Photo was taken on one of the most dangerous hikes in the Southwest, the trail to the world famous Wave in Escalante National Monument. We decided to make a casual go of it in temperatures well above 100 degrees but unlike too many unlucky people, we decided to turn back before it was too late. My head had started to throb and my muscles were getting weak. We took several breaks on the way back and I dumped water on myself during the hottest part of the hike. I tried to keep my head rather than succumb to the heat exhaustion that was trying to take over and I focused on taking photos whenever I needed to slow down. There was very little shade, two trees in 2 miles, so good breaks were few and far between but the beauty of the area kept me going and helped me keep my head. Next day, I bought a hat and we no longer hike in temps over 100 degrees. The depth of focus in the photos basically reflects how I felt on that hike.

The agave is one of the toughest plants in the desert and this one's hairs particularly caught my eye. The colorful sand and plant are a beautiful contrast that will brighten any home or office.

TITLE: Yucca Hairs
LOCATION: Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah

This signed and numbered, limited edition photo, is printed on professional quality archival paper in your chosen paper of treatment.

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Yucca Details, Utah