Lost Kat Album Cover Art For GoodWood's Debut Album

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I'm excited to announce that Lost Kat Photo was recently asked to provide the cover art for a Chicago based band's first album, and the album is out! 

The band is GoodWood and their first album is called Wicker. They're a Rock and Blues fusion group who's been jamming and playing together for decades, til finally coming together to release their first full length album - a culmination of many years of work and dedication.

The image, 19th Century Cabin Interior I is a scene from a restored mining town, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It's kind of my dream home and it's so exciting to see it being used to represent the band, on their first album and their website!

Rustic Cabin Print

The title track of the album is about a cabin that the band goes to in the north woods of Wisconsin to unplug from the shackles of technology and the workplace. They saw the image, and thought "a piano, a stove, a chair, and some peace- what else do we need?".

Check out their debut album on iTunes and Amazon!

GoodWood - Wicker


And their website at http://GoodWoodTheBand.com.

GoodWood Website

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