Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It's so cold out that my camera won't work when the wind blows. The last time this happened was during a blizzard that we hiked during at 12k feet in Colorado. The wind chill was -20F and both my digital camera and video camera shut off after a warning about the temps. This winter in Eastern Washington, it's felt like that every nearly weekend, at just 3k feet. We're next to a lake and this winter has just been worst than most, for a lot of the country really.

Typically the weather in Colorado is pleasant, even during the winter it's mostly sunny days and only at the highest elevations does it snow 100s of inches and stay below 0 for weeks on end. We never had a problem getting out of the house on weekends and finding a place to hike or explore but this winter we're especially home bound, unless we want to go into town. 

Here are some photos from the last few winters in Colorado, when we would leave the house! Hopefully soon this cold spell will break and I'll get to explore this area more and add some new winter wonderland photos to my collection.

San Juan National Forest

 Hesperus Cabin, Colorado

Winter Road, San Juan National Forest

Oak Leaves, Colorado  Forest

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